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Mark and Roper

Jim and Boots

Suzie and Blue

Gena and Boo

Ben and Thunder

Nancy and Mario

Carol and Grayce

Windy and Bingo

Mimi and Dandy

Jan and Elwood

Caren and Snickers

Bill and Franki

Lia and Handy

Rachel and Dolly

Janice and Duncan

Holly and Patch

Carole and Slick

Glenn and Smoky

Marty and Doc Hollywood

Taylor and Chance

Teri and Danny

Joni and Popey

Amber and North

Julie and Star

Nancy and Spirit

Jenny and Hawk

Tommy and Chick

Nancy after bringing her second horse, Louie, to Level 1

Nancy and Lucky (her 3rd horse to graduate Level 1) after winning High Point in the 2004 Collin County horse show series

David and Winston

Colette and Honey

Mary and Murphy

Jamie and Enuf

Liz and Yoda

Cindy and Raisin

Elizabeth and Passion

Charlotte after graduating her second horse, Sandy, to Level 1

Jennifer and Jake

Lisa and Vanilla

Averille and Norman

Charlotte and Rockette

Linda and Goldie

Donna and Goldie

Scotti and Nicki

Debbie and Annie, Debbie's 2nd Level 1 Horse

Svenja and Mica

Jan and Paco

Desiree and Risky

Shelby and Rio

Chardonnay and Mr. Ed

Adrinne and Monarch

Mike and Prince

Will and Enuf

Stephanie and Dillon

Lisa and Casanova

Kensee and Mars

Justin and T-Bone

Lee and Commando

Mindy and Cowboy

Averille and Glow, Averille's 2nd horse to graduate Level 1

Deanna and Commando

Kelly and J.B.

Mary and Nick, Mary's second horse to graduate Level 1

Jim and King

Kathy and Tux

Isabelle and Walker

Jennifer and Vinny

Trish and Katy

Arianna and Bubba

Lisa and Touch

Yvonne and Corrah

Nancy and Charm

Dawn and Copper

Lynette and Star

Lois and Capriccio

Peggy and Elijah

Beth and Gusto

Jeanne and Cappucino