PNH Educational Investment

# Students Savvy Club Member Non Savvy Club Member
1 $90/hour $105/hour
2 $75/hour/student $90/hour/student
3 $65/hour/student $75/hour/student
4-6 $55/hour/student $65/hour/student
7-10 $45/hour/student $50/hour/student

Cancellation Policy:
Instructional Fee is payable unless cancelled 24 hours in advance of lesson.

If you would like Grady to come to you for lessons or a clinic:
For travel distances within 50 miles (one way), a 3-hour lesson minimum plus $.75 per mile round trip will be applicable.

For travel distances between 50 and 100 miles (one way), contact us for individual arrangements.

For travel distances greater than 100 miles (one way), a $1,700 per day Instructional Fee plus appropriate travel accommodations will be applicable. 3-day minimum length required.

For 4 or more consecutive days of teaching, please call for particulars.

Please contact Devvy at 817-999-1600 or to make individual arrangements.

Contact Grady at
Contact Devvy at
(817) 999-1600